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ArborTech provides services to homeowners and businesses throughout Hampden & Hampshire Counties. Learn more about our Tree Services and Tree Care & Maintenance programs or click here to send us an email.

The pruned apple trees look like works of art!
– MaryJo C.
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Tree Removal
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Tree Care & Maintenance

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ArborTech Tree Services, LLC is your local tree care expert for over 18 years. Our exceptional staff includes certified, licensed arborists who are committed to the care of your trees and set the standard for customer service and safety.   Whether it’s your home landscape or commercial project, you can count on ArborTech to properly handle all of your tree care needs.

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Winter Stress on Trees and Shrubs

The tumultuous winter we had sent heating costs "through the roof" which created the "perfect storm" for the snow and frigid temperatures to form ice dams. The ice dams not only dampened our ceilings and walls but our spirits.

Pruning Young Trees

Winter is a great time to prune trees that are dormant, particularly young trees. From an Arborist’s perspective, a few quick cuts when a tree is young can create the desired structure of the tree and prevent major pruning wounds many years later.

“You’re a what?”

“I’m an Arborist.” I usually have to say it at least twice when asked what I do for a living. I think the fact that I am a woman is the first thing that throws people. But once I say tree work, then a familiar smile comes across their face and they ask "…